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"Change your thoughts and you change your World" - Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
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Everyone is talking about coaching yet few are able to define it. The growth of the coaching field has been dramatic. The challenge is understanding what coaching can do for your business or for achieving personal goals.

Life coaching and, more recently, executive coaching, grew very naturally out of the human potential movement that has become a familiar part of the contemporary landscape. In the succeeding decade research tells us that more people than ever before are striving to lead successful and meaningful lives. Defining what we most want to accomplish in life, and setting goals by which to measure our success is what coaching is all about. A coach is a trusted guide on the journey to self-fulfillment.

Many disciplines provide a coach with knowledge, awareness, insight and wisdom. Self-help, practical psychology, the study of human behavior, spiritual psychology, and human resources are just a few. Life coaching typically deals with personal fulfillment. Executive coaching centers on achieving success in one’s career and business. It goes without saying that these complement each other. Pursuing one goal can only make it more likely you will accomplish both.

It’s also useful to consider what coaching is and is not:

  • Coaching helps successful people perform at even higher levels, rather than dealing with mental illness or dysfunction.
  • Coaching is most often done over the phone, though some sessions may also be done in person – individually or in groups.
  • Coaching focuses on the present through achieving future success and fulfillment, rather than dwelling on the past.
  • Coaching is not underwritten by health insurance, so it doesn’t require years to bring a substantial return on investment (ROI) to clients or employers.

Coaching is a few steps beyond traditional training or seminars. Most successful companies have begun to use executive coaches to improve the leadership skills of its management. Coaching is rapidly becoming known as one of the effective strategies for achieving professional and personal success.

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