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"Change your thoughts and you change your World" - Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
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Q: What can a coach do for me?

A: A professional, qualified coach can partner with you as a mentor, facilitator, anchor, guide, teacher, friend, confidant, and motivator to help you clarify your personal and professional goals, define your intentions and values, envision success and achieve your desired results. The coach serves as a sounding board with finely tuned antennae, supporting, challenging and encouraging you to create "quantum shifts" in your perspective. The coach can help you reduce barriers that hamper your success, and hold you accountable for your progress.

Q: What sorts of clients enroll in Quantum Coaches Professional and Personal Development Programs?

A: Successful, bright, intelligent, proactive and motivated individuals, entrepreneurs, business men and business women, and corporate executives who know that Quantum Coaches can help them when they are ready to move to the next level of success.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a Quantum Coaching client?

A: Individual clients learn to:

  • achieve personal and professional goals
  • become more accountable for choices and results
  • take risks, change thinking patterns, request assistance, state opinions, and seek mentors
  • clarify purpose and direction and take charge of his/her life and career
  • create manageable and realistic action plans
  • establish appropriate benchmarks to measure progress
  • develop service leadership
  • discover conscious creativity
Q: How can my organization benefit from Quantum Coaching?

A: Your organization will:

  • align and integrate its vision, values, mission, beliefs, and purpose
  • develop the capacity to respond continuously to change
  • embrace service leadership horizontally and vertically
  • initiate self-empowered work teams
  • make effective decisions in a timely manner
  • ground ethical business practices that will dictate the quality of choices and actions
  • deal with underlying issues versus reactive responses
  • experience responsibility with increased productivity
Q: Will a coach work with me on my personal and professional goals?

A: Yes. A coach will work with you on the agenda you establish. A Quantum Coach will help you recognize that living productively in one area of life carries over into all other areas.

Q: How is coaching different from consulting or psychotherapy?

A: A consultant is usually an expert in a particular field and deals with an established body of knowledge.

Psychotherapy is about solving problems by looking at past behaviors, diagnosing aspects of psychological problems and working through personality or thought disorders. Because a therapist is state licensed, they must follow the state guidelines and apply a diagnoses based upon the state issued criteria. In therapy, the psychotherapist is the decision maker.

Coaching is the process of:partnering with an individual or the business and having the expertise to guide, support and encourage clients to achieve greater success

  • "coaxing" the needed answers from within the client, where all true self-knowledge exists
  • honoring the client as the expert in all areas of his/her life–recognizing every client is resourceful and creative and has the ability to make wise decisions in achieving extraordinary results
  • helping the client(s) to align their actions to what they most want in business and life
Q: How do I know that coaching is for me?

A: If you continue to have the same outcomes, yet you want different results and are unclear as to how to make that happen, coaching will help you achieve clarity concerning your challenges.

Q. What is a Teleseminar?

A: Teleseminar are live, interactive, phone discussions of timely subjects that you can receive in your office, in your home, or wherever you can place a telephone call.

Q. What is the benefit of Telesimars?

A: Convenience! Stay connected with up to date practices and issues without leaving your office or home. Teleseminars save you time, travel and money.

Q. Will I be able to Ask Questions?

A: Absolutely! During the program, participants are able to ask a question of the coaches.

Q. How Do I connect to a teleseminar?

A: After your register, your materials and call-in information will arrive via e-mail prior to the program. When you call the number, you will be patched into the program.