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"Change your thoughts and you change your World" - Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
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Find out what it’s like to work with a coach by signing up for a consultation with a member of the Quantum Coaching team. We offer an initial consultation for $50.

If you have received a gift certificate for an initial consultation, congratulations someone wants the best for you.

Your initial consultation includes:

  • Answers to your questions about how coaching can help you and/or your business
  • Steps you can take to get started
  • Feedback on the questionnaire - if you have chosen to fill it out
  • A 30-minute initial consultation with a Quantum Coach -- by phone or in person

The first step toward achieving your goals and improving the quality of your life is to identify what success means to you. Spending an hour or so answering the questions you’ll find on our carefully designed questionnaire will be a stepping stone towards clarity of purpose, a satisfying career, better relationships, and a more confident you. Learning to establish and align priorities is the foundation of success in any field. It is the key to personal success and organizational accomplishment.

To schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, email us at info@quantumcoaching.com or call (323) 782-1925 or (800) 448-1829.

To access the Quantum Coaching questionnaire, go to our Resource page and log in.

This may be the first step to changing your life or making your business soar. Call or email us now.

Please note that Quantum Coaching treats all of your personal information as completely CONFIDENTIAL and does not share it with third parties.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.”

Henry David Thoreau