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"Change your thoughts and you change your World" - Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
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The Quantum Coaching Team Opens You To a World of Endless Possibilities!

Melvy Murguia, CPC

Executive & Career Coach
Founder & CEO of Quantum Coaching

Melvy Murguia is committed to helping clients elevate their natural leadership qualities to new levels. She knows that as we become aware of our mental patterns, beliefs and thoughts, we can create quantum shifts in our thoughts and actions to create lives, businesses, careers and relationships we want most. A corporate Human Resources professional with over 20 years experience, much of it working with Fortune 500 companies, she is a passionate advocate for creating breakthrough strategies that guide individuals and organizations in achieving success. Melvy and the Quantum Coaching team can help you navigate your journey to fulfill your human potential in new and exciting ways.

Melvy is an expert in assisting businesses, individuals and organizations to: 1) reach personal inner transformations, 2) challenge key patterns and beliefs to move from old thinking to new unbounded thinking that opens possibilities for taking effective action, 3) remove perceived barriers that compartmentalize business and personal life, 4) align individual mental patterns to respond and interact flexibly and effectively within groups to process change, 5) discover how entrenched industry and business beliefs prevent the recognition of opportunities, 6) create quantum shifts through reframing beliefs and behavior patterns to open new possibilities for strategies and new potential for growth, and 7) discover more joy in life by clarifying personal and professional goals.

Coach Melvy holds a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA, HR Management-UCLA Extension. She is a Certified Performance Coach, and is bilingual in Spanish. She is also a Member of the Society of Human Resources Management. Her broad experience in the public and private sectors in areas ranging from IT and customer service to entertainment and health care has made her one of the most sought after coaches in the field.


Bobbi Nesheim, Ph.D.

Executive Coach,
Executive Director of Quantum Coaching

Dr. Bobbi Nesheim has a passion for transformation. She brings to Quantum Coaching the extraordinary ability to inspire clients to make significant and exceptional changes in their professional and personal lives.

She began her career as an educator and counselor in psychology and human behavior. Bobbi founded and operated the Center for Creative Growth, a holistic therapeutic center devoted to the development of human potential. She has appeared on radio, television and wrote a popular column for the Scripps-Howard Newspapers called "Dear Dr.Bobbi."

Bobbi has worked with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations of all sizes. She is known as an innovator in creating and leading seminars and workshops on effective communication, authentic leadership, conflict resolution, performance improvement, team building, and organizational restructuring. She provides her clients and businesses with valuable strategies that can immediately be incorporated in their lives and careers.

Dr. Nesheim is widely recognized for her success in helping her clients transform their lives at work and in their personal relationships. As an invaluable part of the Quantum Coaching management team, her passion and commitment supports both individuals and organizations in achieving the next level of success.